Conscious Aging: Taking Care of a House

In my former home town of Rochester, NY, we had a lovely longtime neighbor, Mrs. Cather. Her husband Howard had died before we moved to San Gabriel Drive, and they had no children. Mrs. Cather, with the help of aides, was able to stay in her home until she died there at age 99. She used to tell me that taking care of her home and yard kept her mentally sharp and kept her from feeling old.

I’m taking those words to heart as I’m now coping with two house problems: a leak in the master bathroom ceiling that is coming from either the roof or gutters, and raccoons tearing up my new lawn looking for grubs. Sara is involved in the the leak issue. Gonzalo, whose crew just put in the new lawn, is coming over to tack down the turf and spray some sort of raccoon repellant.  Good luck with the latter. We had raccoons in Rochester, and they are determined beasts. I’m not a fan.

Condo or apartment living is sold as “worry free”, but it isn’t.  A friend here in Seattle is facing a major assessment for external repairs to her building, and she has no control over the work, the cost, or who is going to do it. Even continuum of care retirement communities, sold as offering certainty for the future, are not immune from problems. A recent article revealed how the Carlyle Group, upon taking over the nursing home chain HCR ManorCare, stripped the company of billions of dollars to pay investors and left a trail of shockingly substandard care for vulnerable residents.

There’s no eluding the normal bumps and grinds of life, and probably that’s an OK thing.

4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Taking Care of a House

  1. We have racoons that wander through our backyard at night. They are good at opening garbage cans. One night when we had a dinner party, there were racoons at our back French door looking at us. We scared them off.

  2. for Katie: I’m surprised you were able to scare them off. We had a big one sitting on our garbage can in Rochester, and Jerry went out to chase it with a broom. The thing simply looked at him and hissed. Jerry retreated, not the raccoon. 🙂

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