High Fashion

High fashion used to mean Rose Kennedy going to Paris every year in the spring and fall to buy from the new season’s collection. High fashion used to mean her daughter-in-law, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, being dressed by Oleg Cassini, who created the distinctive “Jackie look” that millions of ordinary American women tried to emulate. First Lady Michelle Obama changed the story somewhat. She wore designer clothing, but also dresses by J. Crew bought off the rack — and she looked stunning and distinctive no matter what she wore.

Now, according to Quartz, high fashion for millennials means $900 sneakers and $1500 jogging pants.

I’ve never cared enough about what I wore to pay that kind of money for a garment, much less for athletic wear. And I keep things forever, as long as they still fit and haven’t faded out and bear a passing nod to what’s in style. Even when I do buy new stuff, I tend to put on the things that are familiar and comfortable — making me look much the same most times I go out.

High fashion, or even medium fashion, is just not my thing. I buy good quality, but not a lot of it. Suffice to say that a large bedroom closet is not high on my list of “must have’s”.

I think about Minga’s daughter Ana, and our recent trip to the mall. Ana is a skilled seamstress, and she could have made any of the dresses we looked at with a higher degree of skill and better fabric, but there was something alluring about buying from a store with racks and racks of glittering options. In the end she opted to be practical and buy nice jeans and a denim jacket, which we bought for nothing remotely resembling millennial high fashion prices.

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