Conscious Aging: Getting My Exercise Up to Speed

I didn’t do too badly with exercise while in Panama, a combination of walking outdoors in Panama City and using the hotel gym. The best day was Gloria’s and my walk to Casca Viejo, a distance of about three miles — and then when we couldn’t track down an available taxi, the same distance back. Six miles is a good exercise day under any circumstances, and more demanding when done in hot and humid weather. Fortunately it was overcast for much of the walk, so we didn’t fry ourselves in the scorching sun.

What I notice about the effects of aging on my exercise regimen is that my capacity declines more quickly with even a short hiatus. If I skip a couple of days, my exercise the next day is more arduous and I might have to shorten the duration or lighten the intensity of what I’m doing. If I skip a week, I need several days to work back up to my routine. If I skip more — and I don’t work out when I’m ill or sometimes not at all on my Panama beach vacation because of the punishing heat and sun — then I have a real job to get back in shape.

This January 2019 Panama vacation will be for three weeks, and there’s no way I can skip exercising for that long. I’ll have to get up earlier than I like to get out before the sun is fully up, and then come back for breakfast instead of having my preferred leisurely start to the day. And, I’ll have to do more rigorous swimming.

I can do this. I’m already making my plan.

2 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Getting My Exercise Up to Speed

  1. Here I am reading about exercise as I sit on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket, looking outside while winter storm Bruce is passing through the area. Pretty much blizzard conditions. I could get truly lazy if I stayed here all winter. Luckily where we stay in Florida is a walkable area. We can walk to the beach, the grocery store, shopping and to a couple of good restaurants. It is just the kind of winter break we need and we take full advantage of the walking options. That is when exercise is just plain fun.

  2. for Joyce: Follow up blog post tomorrow, and I mention your winter storm. We had lots of storms like that in Rochester, and I did just what you are doing. 🙂 Hoping the red tide mess doesn’t affect your beach in Florida. Apparently it’s now on both coasts.

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