Getting to Know Seattle: Thanksgiving Morning

I’m studiously back to getting my 10,000 steps a day, prompted by my seeing how much capacity Minga has lost by not walking for several weeks. In truth her strength has been declining for some time. She used to walk from her home in the village to her daughter Rufina’s and to the nearby church, a distance covered in about 15 minutes at my pace, longer for her. But she can’t do that now, nor walk to her other daughter Mari’s, about the same distance in another direction. Minga can’t come home on public transport anymore because they leave her along the highway, with a walk down the road to her home that she is unable to do.

I chose a walk instead of going to the gym, and was rewarded by seeing Mount Rainier out. A tad more than 5 miles, 107 minutes, and 11,000 steps — a bonus thousand to make up for my on and off exercise while in Panama. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Thanksgiving Morning

  1. for Katie: It is. Have you ever driven up to the Visitor’s Center? The immediacy of the mountain from there is breathtaking.

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