Panama November 2018: More on Airplane Conversations

I had a blog post yesterday about my seat mate from Charlotte to Seattle, and his sharing with me that he was coming to Seattle to be with his father-in-law who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I mused about our talking with strangers when difficult conversations with our loved ones lie ahead.

Friend and regular reader Ellen C. had an interesting comment, and I think right on point. I share it here because not everyone reads the Comments section:

Sometimes we need those conversations with strangers to rehearse the harder conversation ahead…”

I think Ellen is exactly right. A stranger has no emotional investment in the story, and there is no need for caregiving. When we talk with our loved ones about hard things. all are emotionally engaged and we often add caregiving to our need to express our own thoughts and feelings. That makes the conversation with those close to us infinitely harder.

Lots to think about here …. thanks to Ellen for furthering the conversation.

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