Back in Seattle

While I was in Panama my gardening guys installed the new lawn and did further plantings. The yard looks really great. My grass is real, and of course it will never look this perfect again. Getting fake grass like Matt would have been about 3x the price, but then no upkeep or maintenance or watering bills in the summer.  If I live here for 5 years I’ll probably think I should have bitten the bullet and gotten the high quality fake lawn, but for now I’m just enjoying the new finished and very green look.

4 thoughts on “Back in Seattle

  1. In the garden is beautiful! I haven’t seen fake grass in a garden in New York. The growing season is over in the north east so there’s nothing being planted. We are projected to have a high of 20°F tomorrow, Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your garden.

  2. for Katie: When I was in MN the weekend before my Panama trip it was 15 degrees, then Panama 85 degrees, and now Seattle is 48 degrees and bit drizzly. Hoping for clearer weather later so the kids can get out into the yard after Thanksgiving dinner. Do you do the traditional turkey thing, or intersperse with Filipino dishes? If it were me, I’d get Ron into the kitchen on Thanksgiving. 🙂

  3. for Phyllis: Thanks. In the spring I’ll plant some flowering things, and that should do it. Pleased with the way the yard has shaped up.

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