Panama November 2018: Soap

There are small things in Panama that signify the difference between that country and ours: a culture of abundance, indeed some might say over-abundance, and a culture of using every last bit. Soap is one such signifier.

In our hotel room — a $100 a night suite, actually, so I had a small sitting area where we all could visit in calm and privacy — Gloria and I got one small round hand soap for the sink and one small bar of green soap for the shower. When the shower soap got pretty thin, I asked for another, which was delivered by housekeeping when we were out of the room.

I think that in a U.S. hotel room, the skinny remnant would have been automatically replaced, and only the new bar of soap left. Not here. There is use left in the the remnant, and so here it is for us to use until gone.

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