Panama November 2018: Travel Day

On Tuesday morning I depart for Seattle, a very early morning flight that takes me through Miami, Cleveland, and finally home. I have cranberry sauce to make on Wednesday, and I have to buy six bottles of white wine. I also bring Met Market gravy. I used to make the gravy, but find that what Met Market produces is just fine and it saves me being at the stove at the last minute when Matt is trying to carve the turkey and others are trying to serve dishes they’ve brought and warmed in the oven.

David and Arline’s little girl Ghiselita, age six, is sending a small container of pink Slime as a gift for Archie and Else. Ghiselita played with her Slime before dinner was served on Sunday evening, and it kept her occupied. Apparently it’s the latest thing for that age set. I thought I had a pic of the Slime, but no. 🙂

Here is my despedida a Minga in the hotel lobby. That white thing under my arm is the bathrobe I shared with her. I got one with my suite; she and Lily were in a regular room and didn’t. Even without the air on, Minga was a bit cold and liked to wear the bathrobe in the room.

Tia Phyllis, note the new shoes you bought. Minga hasn’t had them off since our shopping trip on Saturday. They are really very soft leather, and are easy on her bunion. She loves them. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Panama November 2018: Travel Day

  1. for Phyllis: With all else Minga has going on, surgery for her bunions is not in the cards. It’s really hard for her to find comfortable shoes. These were a great find — Lily spotted them and had her try them on.

  2. for Katie: It was a wonderful trip. Don’t know why air travel home is so tiring — maybe just the length of the day.

  3. The Photo of you and Minga is exquisite! Such love and trust! I’m glad you found the time to go down now.

  4. for Linda: Minga now sees me as a mother figure, protecting and comforting her. Hard not to compare with our mother, who could have never accepted an embrace like this. I used to call it an “A-frame hug” — she’d let me lean toward her with our shoulders barely touching, her face looking away, and it felt as if she couldn’t wait for the contact to be over.

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