Panama November 2018: Las Tinajas

Las Tinajas is a dinner theater in city center, actually only a few blocks from our hotel. David took us in the van, as Minga can’t walk that far. She had been up that morning to arrive at dialysis at 5:30am, and other than a nap after lunch, was still going strong for an 8pm dinner reservation and a 9pm show. There are musicians playing typical Panamanian instruments, dancers stressed in colorful folkloric costumes, and a running explanation in both English and Spanish of what each dance represents. Guests to the show are mostly tourists, including, in season, large groups from cruise ships.

The folkloric costumes include the lovely pollera, which takes over a year to hand-sew and costs thousands of dollars. Both Ana and Rufina are able to make polleras, although orders from village people are rarely forthcoming.

2 thoughts on “Panama November 2018: Las Tinajas

  1. for Katie: I do absolutely no hand work or sewing, so the pollera dazzles me. And watching the dancers is quite the experience. First time for Miley and her friends, and for Ana and Raul.

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