Panama November 2018: Access

Part of having access is knowing the unstated rules and rituals of middle class life. Miley and her friends are attending a private high school, where Miley has won a scholarship. That bodes well for each of these young women to go to university; the University of Panama is free and although crowded, an engaged student can get a good education there. With a university degree, Miley can get a job with a middle class salary. She has a very realistic shot of someday going to Las Tinajas on her own. Knowing how to order from a menu, how to behave in a restaurant — one round of selfies and then cell phones away — how to engage with the dancers when invited up to the stage, are part of an education about her future life.

Raul, Ana’s marido, came with us and is seated next to Minga in the pics.

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