Panama November 2018: Axel

This is Gloria’s newest grandbaby, Axel Antonio, at 6 months.  Right now Axel, Lynette, and young Luis are living with Gloria and Luis. Gloria says Lynette is a wonderful mother, and that she and Luis are very happy to have the young family with them.

Work is much reduced in the village, as tourism is down, therefore construction and hotel maid jobs are down. But young Luis’ security job at the Decameron is holding, so there is money to support Lynette and the baby. Papa Luis still cuts weeds at the small airport, although he doesn’t make much. Gabriel is still with the presidential detail of the policia. Raul struggles most to find construction work. Right now he has a job in the city, so he comes and goes every day — which takes up a good chunk of what he makes.

Cute little guy, yes?

2 thoughts on “Panama November 2018: Axel

  1. for Phyllis:I won’t meet him on this trip, as I”m staying in Panama City. But in January I will. I think he’s sweet too. Apparently looks just like young Luis as a baby.

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