Panama November 2018: Street Scenes

My hotel is smack dab in the center of Panama City, near the financial and business district and in the midst of a lot of hotels and casinos. There are lots of people around. That said, Lily insists I am not to leave the hotel grounds without one of them with me. I know they feel responsible for me when I am here, and while I feel quite comfortable navigating cities, I also defer to their sense of what I should do when I am their guest.

Lily had to go to work on Wednesday afternoon. Minga was back at Ana’s resting in preparation for Thursday dialysis. Gloria was in the wilderness, trying to arrive. Teri and I went for a short walk, just around. Pics below. We are quite near the Church of the Virgen del Carmen. You probably are more familiar with the Virgin of Guadalupe, which is Mexico’s Virgin version. Virgen del Carmen is Panama’s.

The Hospital Dr. Arnulfo Arias is where Minga gets her dialysis, the white building on the right below.

Hospital Dr. Arnulfo Arias

Dialysis building.

La Virgen.

Church of the Virgen del Carmen.

Diamond vendor.

Stores just behind the hotel.

2 thoughts on “Panama November 2018: Street Scenes

  1. for Katie: We have some sun this morning, so a walk looks good. Really, the weather hasn’t been as bad as I expected. New York had snow, yes?

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