Panama November 2018: Taking an Uber

Minga has lost many things about her life in the village as she’s had to adapt to living in Panama City. But she’s gained two things which she much enjoys. Going to the mall is one. Riding in Uber is another. Here she is arriving at the hotel with Lily and Ana, getting out of an Uber.

You’ll note she had the old fashioned kind of walker, not the one with brakes and a seat and wheels. I offered that, and both Lily and Ana think she would have trouble managing it. They feel she is safer with this one. I always defer to their judgment.

Minga also has a cane. She can walk a bit without support, but seems to have lost some confidence so prefers to hold on to my arm as she sets out. I told her that on a day when she doesn’t have dialysis, I’m taking her to the gym here at the hotel. She laughed. Not sure it will happen, but if it does I’ll take pics.

Minga is very happy to hear the good wishes that many of you  have sent, and she sends love and blessings to her friends and family in the United States. She is the only one along the dialysis corridor, she tells me, who has many people in the United States who love her.

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