Trump is in a Bad Mood

Trump is reportedly in a snarky mood, which is why he was unwilling to honor American dead in France by standing in the rain at the cemetery where our dead soldiers were being honored. God forbid he should put himself out in any way.

He’s apparently going to spend most of his time between now and January at Mar a Lago, which he likes better than Washington, D.C. He doesn’t seem to work much when he’s in the White House, with large blocks of his calendar devoted to “executive time.” That means he’s in the residence watching cable TV and talking to friends on his unsecured cell phone and eating. At least at Mar a Lago he can play golf.

One wonders what his ardent supporters do with their time. Watch reality TV, talk on their cell phones, and eat in front of the tube, I’d guess. I’ll bet most of them don’t have a private golf course, but it’s a difference they don’t seem to mind.

2 thoughts on “Trump is in a Bad Mood

  1. for Katie: I’d think that if he had competent and decent people working for him. But immigration hardliner Stephen Miller? Ed. Secretary deVos? Ben Carson? Yikes. Send them all packing.

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