Stacey Abrams: A Brilliant, Out of the Box Idea

The Dems should make her Speaker of the House. Contrary to common belief, the Speaker does not have to be a House member. Abrams lost, but it’s hard to argue that the voting process in Georgia is remotely fair. I like Nancy Pelosi and think she is one of the great House Speakers — the ACA success was largely due to her political skill with her caucus. And I’m not influenced by Trump and Republicans demonizing her. They will demonize any strong woman who opposed them.

Abrams is the fresh new face that Dems need. Pelosi acknowledges that even if she does win the Speaker gavel, she will be a transitional leader. That diminishes her power somewhat, right out of the gate.

Abrams is smart, hard working, could benefit a lot fromĀ  having Pelosi as a mentor, and most importantly, represents the face of the highly diverse Democratic party. Would her elevation drive the Make America White Again cult over the edge? Probably. But that can’t be the driver here either.

Dems need the best person for the Speaker role, and right now Abrams has claim on at least being considered.

2 thoughts on “Stacey Abrams: A Brilliant, Out of the Box Idea

  1. for Phyllis: Or maybe she could be #2 to Nancy Pelosi — who isn’t going to give up the gavel any time soon.

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