Snow in Minneapolis

I had checked the Minneapolis weather and so knew it was going to be cold, but snow never occurred to me. Happily it’s just what we in Rochester would have called “a dusting”. Cars are slipping and sliding — there was an accident on the street adjacent to my friends’ home. That used to happen in Rochester too, with a first snow. People initially forget how to drive when the roads are slick.

I don’t have boots with me, and truth to tell I don’t any more have footwear that fits — I haven’t lived in snow country for eight years. That’s another weird bit about aging: your feet can get bigger. Arches fall or something.

The board retreat starts on Friday, with a visit to the offices of the non-profit for whom I’m conducting the program, and a supper meeting with the design team from board and staff who have helped me plan. Saturday is the full-participation event, with people from the board, staff, and affiliate agencies.

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