The White House Press Corps

I couldn’t agree more with the opinion that the entire White House press corps should walk out of any further briefings by Sarah Sanders or press conferences by Trump until CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press credentials are restored. This bullying coming out of the Oval Office is intolerable. The briefings are useless — Sanders says nothing of value. And Trump craves press attention even as he denigrates the talented men and women who are simply doing their jobs. Enough. I think they should all go over to the newly elected Democratic House and cover what happens there. Give them the air time, and see what our reality TV president does then.

2 thoughts on “The White House Press Corps

  1. I absolutely agree. The best approach is for the White House Press Corps is to walk out and give Trump NO coverage. He eats up publicity. He doesn’t deserve any publicity for the foolishness he portrays at his briefings.

  2. for Katie: I find the briefings useless. Sanders says nothing truthful, and neither does the fabulist Trump. Waste of time.

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