In Minneapolis

I’m here in Minneapolis to do a pro bono retreat for a statewide non-profit, in support of a friend who is the board chair.  Even in retirement, I do things like this now and again. There are parts of the current work world, like marketing through social media, that I really know nothing about. I also think workplaces now move faster, and are more complex, than anything Jerry and I had to deal with building our business. But my board retreat skills, leadership development insights, and instincts for the right strategic move remain on target and useful.

The weather when I landed was in the mid-20’s with light snow — something I  hardly deal with any more in Seattle. Happily I kept my warm winter coat when I moved from Rochester.

I’ll be back in Seattle for one day, and then off to Panama for a week — a temperature swing of 60 degrees. Snow here, rain there.

Oddly enough, Seattle’s the place with sun. 🙂

2 thoughts on “In Minneapolis

  1. for Katie: MN weather was very much like Rochester at this time of year: sharply colder, windy, with spits of dry snow and slippery walks. I came back to sunny and 50 degrees in Seattle, which was a nice respite.

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