Post-Election Day Thoughts

Most of  my friends had much the same reaction to Tuesday’s election that I did: gratitude for the House wins and the governorships, regret that the Republican margin in the Senate is greater. This was no wholesale repudiation of Trump’s racist dog whistles and his demonizing of the migrants making their way on foot through Central America. Republicans are still on board with both. And, Trump will be emboldened, I fear, thinking that if he’d only spewed more venom in more places Republicans would have kept the House.

But it’s a start toward rebuilding for the 2020 election. The Dems have to do several things: figure out how to wrest the political narrative from a reality TV star highly skilled at controlling it. Offer a positive message for the future, not simply a laundry list of programs that appeal to voters. And, Dems have to find the right candidate team for president and vp.

The more magnetic younger candidates, like Beto or Andrew Gillum or Stacey Abrams, came close but didn’t win — and that matters. Obama was young and came out of nowhere, but he was a sitting U.S. Senator, not a Senator-wanna-be.

Lots of work to do.

4 thoughts on “Post-Election Day Thoughts

  1. But of course Mr. T thought he had an almost total victory! How delusional can you get. I’m heartened also by the number of state and local races that flipped to the Democrats. Even in RED RED South Carolina we elected another Dem to Congress, whom Trump had campaigned against. He neglected to mention in his press rant all the candidates who LOST because of him.

  2. Agree. The Democrats need a well thought out strategy and candidates that can connect with the public. There’s lots of talk but no one clearly on the Presidential journey. I was happy that Bernie Sanders was re-elected. What supporters he has!

  3. for Phyllis: He is delusional. But I think he’s spun his own version of reality for so long he actually believes his own spin.

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