Election Eve 2018

I hoped for more Democratic victories, even that the Dems would defy expectations and take the Senate. I very much wanted Stacey Abrams to win, and Andrew Gillum., and Beto O’Rourke in Texas.

But it looks like Dr. Kim Schrier won in Washington’s 8th district, justifying my all in financial support of her race even though I’m not in her district. And Dems seem to have taken the House. Nancy Pelosi said we would, and despite the brickbats sent her way by Trump and the Republicans and some younger Democrats, the woman knows how to raise money and count votes. Of all the prognostications ahead of time, her voice mattered the most for me. She was the one most likely to be right.

I’m relieved that we at least have the House victory, and eagerly anticipate what that means for the next two years and for 2020. I think we will find out the results of the Mueller investigation, now that a Democrat is in charge of the House Intelligence Committee. I think we may get Trump’s tax returns so we can see to whom he is beholden financially. I think the investigations into corruption in and around the Oval Office will accelerate.

I think there will be no impeachment, not with the Senate in Republican hands. And I don’t think there should be. Mike Pence is a religious nutcase, who things God has ordained that he be president. Spare me. Let us limp through with Trump for the next two years, and then stage an epic battle to retake the White House.

We have something to build on here. And, if the economy goes south, the business community will finally abandon Trump. That, combined with the Rainbow Wave, might be enough to turn the tide.

2 thoughts on “Election Eve 2018

  1. Well, it wasn’t a quieter, take a rest day as is usual after a busy election. No- Mr T fired Jeff Sessions and temporarily replaced him with a toadie, and then got into fights with reporters at a press conference. Give.Me.A.Break.

  2. for Phyllis: Trump is incapable of a quieter day — he’s like a shark who has to keep swimming to stay alive.There is nothing he seems to respect about the institution of the presidency. I think it only gets worse from here.

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