Turning Back the Clocks

Turning back the clocks used to take a bit of effort and time. I recall Jerry going around the house, tackling the wall clock in the kitchen, the Baby Bens on his desk and mine, the kitchen timers on the stove and microwave, the clock radios in our bedroom and in those of the kids, and our watches. I think I recall that his classic stereo system had a clock that needed to be manually reset as well. Then he went out and adjusted the clocks in both cars.

Wall clock in the kitchen? Who has one of those any more?

Only two things in my house now need a manual reset. One was the clock on the stove, which I know how to do, and the other was the microwave. That required my going online to find the manual, which wasn’t hard to do, and it only took three steps to make the adjustment. Everything else updates automatically, including my FitBit which I now wear instead of a Rolex.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with that Rolex, which was once a very big deal to me and part of my executive persona. Neither Sara nor Amy wear a watch — they use their cell phones to check the time. I doubt Archie and Else even know what a watch is.

Welcome to standard time. 🙂

One thought on “Turning Back the Clocks

  1. We still have a wall clock on the kitchen wall and an alarm clock on our bedroom dresser. The bedroom clock has good sized numbers that I like. They are adjusted to standard time.

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