Getting to Know Seattle: Last of the Fall Colors

I hope you’re not getting tired of our fall colors. I’m not getting tired of finding these lovely palettes when I do get out for a walk, declining in numbers though they are as we move into November.

The march toward the winter solstice is hard for me, as the days are shorter and darker and there is too little sun.  I know that some people find the gloomy weather restful and part of the cycle of nature, but not I. I looked hopefully at the weather forecast for Panama City, as I am headed there mid-month to visit with Minga. Alas, no luck there either. November is the rainiest month of the rainy season in Panama, with an average of 250mm or almost ten inches of rain. The long term weather forecast for the days that I am there show a 90% chance of thunderstorms every day of my planned visit.  Staying dry is not easy, as the drenching rain pretty much overwhelms an umbrella, and a raincoat is simply too hot. I’ll wear quick dry fabrics and use an umbrella anyway and hope for the best.

In the meantime, I delight in finding fall leaves wherever I can. When I stop posting pics like this, you’ll know that in Seattle, our brightly colored leaves are all down.

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Last of the Fall Colors

  1. The fall colors are just gorgeous. But, I agree, I do t like the march to the winter solstice. Look forward to an update on Minga during your visit.

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