Treating Our Pets Like Humans

According to the Atlantic, it is now possible to buy your pet this:

To succinctly capture the strangeness of how Americans feed their house pets in the year 2018, there are perhaps no better five words than pumpkin-spice lattes for dogs. If there’s room to use a few more qualifiers, then non-GMO, American-made goat’s-milk pumpkin-spice lattes for dogs would probably be more evocative.”

I’m not especially an animal lover, although I do think pets should be treated kindly and fed nourishing food suitable for their digestive systems. But really….a pumpkin spice latte?

5 thoughts on “Treating Our Pets Like Humans

  1. for Phyllis: That’s what I thought — although the vet did recommend canned mushy pumpkin when Bob had intestinal issues, and it worked very well. But generally no, not even most table scraps. Doesn’t do the animal any good.Remember when Marilyn bought real puppy chow for the new dog at Mari’s house?

  2. for Alexis: I know hardly anything about cats. But I don’t think they should be drinking pumpkin spice lattes either.

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