A Week of Violence

It’s time. All  decent people need to stand up and push back, say clearly that Trump’s rampant white nationalism has given space and sanction for the kind of violence we saw last week, and it’s time to stop. Nothing — no tax cut, no right wing judges — could be worth this. To remains silent is to be complicit. Sarah Sanders, graduate of Ouachita Baptist University, where are you? Mike Pence, Mr. Born Again, where are you? Congressional Republicans, where are you?

It’s time.

6 thoughts on “A Week of Violence

  1. I am so discouraged. Are there no Republicans who will stand up to this demagogue? I am hoping for election day, but I am also scared to death that I will be disappointed by the results. Then what do we do? Trump will be worse than he already is.

  2. for Ada: Brazil just elected a right wing tyrant in the Trump mold, and it looks as if Angela Merkel is in deep trouble. Who knew the Obama presidency was going to be the high point. I, like you, eagerly await the election but am afraid of what happens if Republicans hold. Hard to imagine things worse, but I’m sure they can be.

  3. Have we ever had a president who had to decide just how soon he could go nasty again after the events of the past week, or whose Jewish daughter and son-in-law needed to remind him that he had to strongly condemn the murder of Jews in Pittsburgh, or who is this week sending 5000 military people to our border for a place already protected by 2000 national guard……to meet a group of people still a month away? Shame on everyone for their silence.

  4. for Phyllis: I hope I never lose my capacity for rage at the actions of this president — militarizing our border against desperate women and children is despicable.

  5. for Ada: A certain segment of the population apparently finds macho-dominant autocrats reassuring. I don’t get it myself.

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