Trump and Violence

Trump professes to be shocked, shocked, that any of his followers would act on the flood of violent rhetoric toward his political opponents and the media, CNN in particular, by sending pipe bombs. If someone does get killed or badly injured it will of course not be his responsibility. Nothing ever is.

I actually think Trump is quite the coward. He doesn’t confront people with whom he disagrees directly; he sends out nasty tweets or delivers a tirade of invective at his rallies. He notoriously can’t fire anyone face to face. He hasn’t visited our troops in war zones, and got five bone spur exemptions so he never had to serve in the military himself.

All of that said, he is drawn to violent rhetoric and to violent autocrats, says people who engage in violence toward journalists and others are his kind of people, and on more than one occasion has directly invited his followers to attack a member of the press, saying he’ll pay their legal bills. That latter is of course nonsense, because in addition to being a coward Trump is notoriously cheap.

If and when one of his rabid fans succeeds in killing or wounding someone, the responsibility will indeed fall on Trump’s shoulders. There’s no way around it, despite the rampant denials of his sycophant subordinates.

I fervently hope that Justice Ginsberg has a protection detail.

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