Back on Line with My New Phone

Word to the wise: if you use two factor authentication on anything, but especially on your phone, print out and keep a set of recovery codes. You’ll save yourself — I should say more specifically I would have saved son Matt — a lot of troubleshooting if you mistakenly wipe the old phone too soon.

I’m a logical person and can follow the step-by-step instructions that are said. Where I get tripped up are the things that developers leave unsaid, assuming everyone will know how to make the necessary leaps and segues. Maybe that’s true of people who’ve grown up with technology, but it’s not true for older users. And we need to stay current in the technology world too, like being able to buy and use state of the art phones and transition ourselves from old phone to new.

In any case, I’m now fully online with my brand new Pixel 3, with my longtime phone number, and with all my apps logged in and working. No credit to me, but all the thanks in the world to Matt. 🙂

Now my MacBookAir computer is telling me there’s an update to the operating system. Typically those updates include security patches, which is the reason to install them even if I don’t particularly care about the new features. But I know from experience that when I do upgrade the operating system, at least one thing invariably fails to work properly. I have to recover from the phone debacle first before I unleash this potentially frustrating new set of technology demons.

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