Staining the Fence

Since moving into Sara’s house I’ve wanted to do certain things to make my home the way I’d like it. I keep her and Ben in the loop, and I’m pleased with what we’ve agreed on so far. One project was having six foot cedar fencing installed on both sides of the yard. It’s taken a bit to close on a painting company to stain the fence and repaint railings on the decking, which was showing the effects of weather since Sara added the addition. Getting workmen in Seattle is phenomenally difficult. Between booming new construction and renovation of the classic Craftsman homes, workmen of all kinds are in short supply.

The cedar fence went in mid-summer. I had some passing thought of trying to stain the fence myself, because it didn’t look like that big a job.

Hah. Two guys spent all day, with all the right equipment, and industrial grade masks to screen out the toxic fumes from the stain, to complete this part of the project.

I got into an interesting conversation with the two young painters. One has been doing this for 15 years, one is newer to the work. Their industrial grade masks came with regulations that went into place under the Obama administration. Before that, they worked with no protection at all. Now, the Trump administration is sweeping those regulations away. The guys told me that older employees, the ones who’ve done this work for a long time without protective masks, have a lot of health problems, including lung cancer. They hope their employer will continue to supply them with protective gear. But in the new world of Trump, it’s hardly a given.

I hope these young men vote.

4 thoughts on “Staining the Fence

  1. for Phyllis: Thank you. This stuff was all in here and emerged after the big clean out of overgrowth. For spring, some new flowering things will be put in.

  2. for Katie: I’m really pleased. And the person who is helping me with gardening has the front in beautiful shape. Now for the back yard! The fence makes a great backdrop.

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