Getting to Know Seattle: Damp Spiders

Seattle’s drippy winter weather hasn’t fully arrived — we’ve had gorgeous sunny fall days — but our mornings are often enshrouded in fog at this time of year. When I took a flattened Amazon box out to recycling early yesterday morning, I saw a captivating image: a spider web beaded with moisture and a very damp spider hunkering down the center, legs drawn in, quite still and miserable. The spider web is constructed between two arbor vitae bushes. I found the visual quite beautiful, although I imagine the spider is longing for the sun to come out and dry up those droplets of moisture on the web.

4 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Damp Spiders

  1. for Joyce: Thank you. I was quite fascinated by the way the spider web absorbed moisture and the moisture actually beaded up. I suppose a hard rain would simply take down the web, but our damp fog swelled the thin strands until they looked like this. Spider was miserable in any case, I’d say.

  2. for Linda: There are lots of spiders and webs around at this time of year, but this waterlogged one is unique. So glad I noticed it and was able to capture the shot.

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