Panama 2018: Hanging in There

Here is Minga in her new wheel chair — hanging in, I’d say.

Some of you have asked why the switch to a 6am dialysis slot. I asked Lily: the patients at the hospital where Minga is being treated have no say in when they are told to come, and no means of appeal if their treatment time is changed. Ana is apparently getting up at 3am to get Minga ready to leave at 4am, so they can be at the hospital in time for Minga to be part of the first group that gets hooked up at 6am. This treatment time is really hard on the family all around, as Raul and Angel have to carry Minga down the stairs at that ungodly hour.

Did I mention that it’s rainy season, and pitch dark at 4am?

Given all that, I’m pleased to see Minga continuing to dress in pretty colors — Ana is taking good care of her. Minga is a very feminine woman, and she takes pains with her hair and her attire. Always has. She likes to look nice, even within the walls of her own home and certainly when she goes outside. These bright colors are lovely on her.


2 thoughts on “Panama 2018: Hanging in There

  1. Has anyone said what they think is causing the leg pain? I wonder if she would benefit with some physical therapy – or just plain exercising her legs.

  2. for Phyllis: She’s had the xray, but no results for 10 days. She did get a referral for physical therapy, and a doctor she saw within the last few days because of a funny result on a blood test told her she has to get up and walk or she’ll lose the ability — no staying in that wheel chair. So far, more diagnoses re what the leg pain is NOT than any clarity on what it is.

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