Panama 2018: Extra Panama Trip

Sara worked her travel magic and we found a flight to Panama in mid-November that works and doesn’t cost the earth. I’ll be going for a week — five days in Panama City actually, accounting for the full day on either end it takes to go and get home.

At this very difficult stage in Minga’s life, when she is beset by severe leg pain and unable to walk, still undergoing dialysis 3x weekly, all I can give is presence. That is what I am on my way to do.

Somehow her dialysis slot has changed. She’s now part of the 6am group, which means getting up at 4am to get to the hospital in the dark. She’s done, at least in theory, by 10am.

Is there anything about this dear soul’s life right now that isn’t hard?

5 thoughts on “Panama 2018: Extra Panama Trip

  1. Oh dear, did Minga have any choice in the matter or do you go when you are told to? Sorry for her and those who accompany her. It’s great that you can go – that will be a big boost for her spirits.

  2. for Ada: I’m not afraid to “go there” with her, ask her how she feels about dying, things like that. She has this lovely belief that at the moment of her death her mother, who died when Minga was five, will be there with open arms. Comforting, no? I always affirm that belief, and say that she and her mother have waited so long to see each other again. I had a friend in college who died of Hodgkins lymphoma — Kathy lived with her grandparents, who made all of us who came to see her swear we wouldn’t let on that we knew she was dying. I’m quite sure Kathy knew too, but I’m not sure she got to say so with anyone. After she died, I thought it was a huge mistake, and made a vow never to leave someone alone with that knowledge again.

  3. for Phyllis: I don’t think the patient or family has any say. Will check with Lily, and see if she knows any more.

  4. for Phyllis: I asked Lily if the family or patient can challenge a change to the appointment slot. She laughed as if I had said something very silly. They show up at their assigned time, end of story.

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