Trump’s Family Separation Policy

In case you think Trump’s cruel policy of separating small children from their caregivers at the Mexico-U.S. border has stopped, you should read this:

Those of us who follow history, and especially here in the Pacific Northwest which was ground zero for the detention of Japanese Americans during World War II, read that history and wonder how decent people let it happen. Decades from now, Americans will read about Trump’s cruel policy of detaining small children apart from family members as a deterrent to others attempting to cross the border, and wonder how we let it happen.

So many of Trump’ s actions are staggeringly cruel, misguided, misinformed, or downright destructive that it’s easy to lose sight of any one policy. These children are hidden away, lost in a bureaucratic maze. For every one recovered and returned to family members, there are tens or hundreds still lost in the system.

How can we bear for this evil to happen?

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