Panama 2018: Update on Minga

Minga saw a nephrologist on Thursday — another new one, a doctor she hasn’t seen before — and this nephrologist said Minga’s leg pain is a not a result of dialysis or the underlying kidney failure. The doctor did confirm that Minga is unable to walk, and has referred her to a physical therapist and for some Xrays.

As I suspected, the wheel chair Minga has been using is a heavy, old model. I’m going to pay for a new, lighter one which will make it easier for Raul and Angel to carry her down the stairs from the apartment in the wheel chair, and back up again after her dialysis. They were going to try to carry Minga down and up on a simple hard plastic chair, but Lily was afraid Minga would fall off and make whatever problem exists with her leg even worse. Lily has explored the options available in lightweight wheel chairs and has found something that will work.

Minga is largely unable to take pain meds other than acetaminophen, because pain meds negatively affect her kidney disease. The doctor did prescribe something stronger if absolutely necessary, but said Minga can’t take it more than once a day and if she takes it at all it will make her very nauseated. Great.

Flights to Panama any time between now and after Thanksgiving are wickedly expensive, ridiculously so. Sara is going to help me find something workable this weekend. Hoping to go just after a consulting gig I have in Minneapolis in early November and return right before Thanksgiving.

4 thoughts on “Panama 2018: Update on Minga

  1. Great that you can get a lighter wheel chair. More importantly, great that you are going to see her. She will be SO happy.

  2. for Phyllis: My impression is that most of the health care comes pretty far down the line when someone is already very sick. And it’s nothing like we have here: no palliative care, for example, or skilled nursing care.Families do what they can, and the person just has to manage.

  3. for Ada: She will. Really, there is not much to be done here medically. It’s all about giving her as much joy as possible as this terrible illness unfolds.

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