Health Care in Rural Georgia

Southern states like Georgia are among those who refused the Medicaid expansion. Health care, especially in rural counties where large numbers of people live below the poverty line, is sparse. Health outcomes are dismal, and have been for a long time.

Stacey Abrams, a black woman running for governor, supports the Medicaid expansion and wants to focus on bringing health care to rural counties. Her Republican opponent opposed the Medicaid expansion. He vaguely promises to improve health care access, but has no real plan to do so.

You’d think Abrams would be well up in the polls — but then, this is rock-ribbed Republican country. Some of the voters who lack health care say they will vote Republican because that’s what they do. Others say Abrams might have other positions, like gun control, that are deal breakers. Others simply have no idea who the candidates are or what they stand for.


In my frustration with what seems like cultish support for Trump among Republicans, I’m beginning to wonder why I should care more about rural Georgia voters having health care than they do.

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