New Season of Madame Secretary

I taped the first episode of the new season of Madame Secretary, starring Tea’ Leone, on Sunday night and have just now had a chance to watch. This is the episode where Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, and Colin Powell make cameo appearances to give support to the fictional Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord.

Always, when I see and hear Hillary, I have a huge wave of regret that American voters + Russian interference elected a bombastic bigot instead of a calm, reasoned, competent woman. But no, we can’t rewrite the past.

This episode was a shot across the bow from popular culture to the Trump administration. Other current TV dramas, like The Good Fight, unfold in a similar vein.

President Obama kept thinking the fever of enraged white privilege would break, and under his administration, it never did. If anything, that howl of rage has been stoked and sharpened by Trump’ s adept manipulation of the media and his base. But something, at some point, will have to break through. Every shot in that direction is welcome. Carry on, Secretary McCord.

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