Controlling the Story Line

Trump is a master at controlling the story line. He’s flipped the cringeworthy, rage filled performances of Kavanaugh and Graham, and now it’s Republicans who are besieged by an angry Democratic mob. The people we’ve heretofore sent to Washington are politicians, not media people. So far, they seem to have no idea how to counter the showman par excellence.

Labeling women’s rage “hysterical” is a tried and true political move, and with a subset of the population — white men afraid of losing a shred of their power and white women who derive their sense of importance from being near powerful men — it clearly works.

Being silent does nothing for the cause of women’s rights. Shouting and demonstrating gets us labeled “a mob”. Being calm and rational and fact-based, as we know from Hillary and Dr. Blasey Ford, goes nowhere.

Somebody will have to figure out another way.

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