Bolt Cutters at the Gym

I had no idea the young manager of my gym would have bolt cutters under his desk. Would you?

For as long as I’ve worked out, I loop my shoelace through the ring of my locker key, then double tie a knot — has always seemed more secure to me than using the tiny pocket at the back of my gym shorts. At least I thought so until Tuesday, when I went to free up the key and found it had fallen off. I knew it had to be in the gym, but after retracing my steps, I couldn’t find it. I use a high quality ACE lock, and I knew it wouldn’t open without the key or the intervention of a bolt cutter.

I asked the manager if anyone had turned in a key, and he said “Let’s retrace your workout route one more time. If not, I have bolt cutters.” His eyes were sharper than mine, and he spotted the key on the floor in front of one of the treadmill machines. Lucky me.

But if I ever need bolt cutters, I know just who to ask. 🙂

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