Writing Life: “A Lot of Posts”

A friend and regular reader commented that I write a lot of posts, three or four a day, and she finds it hard to keep up. The comment brought a smile that she even attempts to read everything. That’s not what I expect.

Remember the basic premise of the blog: that as we age, paying attention to what’s interesting about daily life is, for me, a spiritual discipline. During our working years interesting experiences come to us unbidden, often at a pace we wish we could slow down. In our older years, that changes. We actually have to look. Doing so is a statement that we cherish life, find each day precious. Attention must be paid.

I write about different things because I have different audiences. Some follow only the grandparenting posts. Some follow the Panama posts. Some come for the political commentary. Some are big fans of the random funny bits, like the day I put on two different sneakers and didn’t notice until well into the day. Because of the diversity of what I write, and the fact that I write a lot, I attract readers from all around the world. Lots of people come and read one thing. Some, my regular readers, come and stay.

So, my friends, read as much or as little as you like. The world won’t end, nor will our friendship or our relationship as writer/reader if you skip posts that don’t interest you, or even if you only come to the blog occasionally. I’m deeply, hugely glad that you’re here at all, reading what and when you want. đŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Writing Life: “A Lot of Posts”

  1. for Frances: Thank you! You are one of my most loyal readers, and I love being in this ongoing conversation with you.

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