Trump’s Shiny Objects

Trump the showman has done it again, diverted our attention from the Bob Woodward book, from the Mueller investigation, from the long New York Times expose’ of his tax cheating, by creating a firestorm over the Kavanaugh nomination.

The win is pure Trump: the country is more bitterly and angrily divided, but he’s already told us he likes to pit people against each other and watch them fight it out. He got Kavanaugh to act just like him, rather than  like a measured, impartial judge. We should now refer to Kavanaugh as Mr. Justice What-Goes-Around-Comes-Around. Trump got Susan Collins to deliver the killer vote with a long speech on the floor of the Senate. The antideluvian Grassley and Hatch and McConnell didn’t have to do it — they got a Republican woman to do it for them.

Friend and regular reader J. sent me the clip of Trump boarding Air Force One with toilet paper attached to his shoe, with the thought that I could write a funny post. Right now nothing about Trump is funny to me, but J. is right about Trump and the toilet paper. His presidency is a shit show.

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