Getting to Know Seattle: Fall Colors, Rain

Native Seattle-ites apparently like the gentle rain that begins falling in October and gets harder and windier and chillier as the winter wears on, saying it’s “restful”. I don’t really like it, although I like not having to water my new plantings, And, rain and wind at 40 degrees is much easier to contend with than my former hometown of Rochester’s 15 degrees and snow.

But I have to agree that the fall colors are gorgeous, gentle rain notwithstanding.

8 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Fall Colors, Rain

  1. The colors are very beautiful. We haven’t really seen any fall colors yet in NYC. The weather has been very nice here, in the 70s. Autumn in NY is usually nice until the day winter thunderously arrives.

  2. We’ve had a warm Fall so far. Seasons here change suddenly. We’ll go from summer to winter. I like summer.

  3. Our fall temperatures in upstate Rochester have been quite abnormal. Our days are warmer than usual for this time of year (tomorrow is forcast to be 80) and the nights are not cool enough to allow leaf color change. When it rains, it pours torrentially. We are told to expect especially extreme cold for the Winter.

    Why is this happening?

  4. for Linda: Wow, that sounds very different from when I lived there. Fall would be in full swing by now. Fall is beautiful in upstate New York — hoping it arrives and that you don’t just get this unseasonably warm weather followed by a sharp turn to winter where the leaves just fall without turning colors.

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