Risk of Kavanaugh’s Being Confirmed

Kavanaugh put out a smarmy piece on the Wall Street Journal, trying to smooth over some of the rougher edges of his nearly hysterical defense at the hearings. Nonsense. He’s a political operative, plain and simple, and knew exactly what he was doing. He’d do it again.

Adam Gopnik of the New Yorker has an insightful article about the real danger of confirming Kavanaugh: not that he likely attacked Christine Blasey Ford while drunk, not that he lied to the Judiciary Committee, but that he is an insurance policy for Trump on the Supreme Court.

“Whatever the effect of this truth on vote-counting congressional Realpolitik, it is the moral ground upon which all subsequent argument has to begin. Trump’s purpose in appointing Kavanaugh to the Court was clearly to provide himself with a protective vote for whenever one issue or another arising from his misbehavior makes its way there. Kavanaugh’s convenient late-arriving conviction that Presidents should be protected from investigation—late arriving since he evidently felt very differently when he was pursuing Bill Clinton—is catnip to Trump. And anyone who had illusions about Kavanaugh not being an acolyte of Trumpism should have been disabused by his partisan performance last week, in which he made it quite apparent. That’s the deal. That’s the trick. Everything else is simulation and dissimulation. Everything else is misdirection. “


I’ve already read the first article suggesting that the Republicans, should they lose either the House or the Senate or both in November, could refuse to accept the results of the election, claiming interference by China. That’s a precursor to Trump not abiding by 2020 elections, or not holding them at all. Do I think power-at-all-costs Trump and McConnell would attempt that? In a heartbeat. And with his Federalist Society majority on the Supreme Court, Trump now has all the protection in the world.

We live in dangerous times.

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