Getting to Know Seattle: Steep

I choose to walk back up Queen Anne hill whenever I can — not late at night after a film or symphony downtown, but during the day or into the evening. The hill is basically seven blocks long, with varying degrees of steepness on any given block. Whatever route I choose, there are always at least two killer steep blocks, the rest more manageable. I think of it like working out on the stair-stepper at the gym. The climb is good exercise — daunting, though, no doubt about it. I get my heart rate right up there. Motivation is key, because I can hop on the bus for a buck and ride up the steepest part.  The bus comes about every 15 minutes, and it takes just about that long to climb the hill on foot — a devil’s choice. Fitness, or ease?

In addition to sidewalks, Queen Anne has any number of slightly hidden outdoor staircases that offer alternatives on the climb.

I wonder if you can tell how steep both of these are? The staircase actually  has one more set of stairs that I’ve already climbed. I didn’t get those in the pic.

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