The Mueller Investigation and Trump

The Mueller investigation is far more thorough than the background check the FBI did for Kavanaugh, but I fear the result — whatever it is — might be similar. Voters will view the findings through an entirely partisan lens. After all, we already have more information on Trump than we need to say he is not fit for office. That he is a liar and a tax cheat was established years ago, through the work of journalist David Cay Johnston, long before the New York Times expose’. We know that Trump abuses women — he said so, in the Access Hollywood tapes. We know that he is a sloppy, lazy president who doesn’t read or listen to critical briefings. That is thoroughly documented in Bob Woodward’s book Fear. We know that he is easily manipulated by foreign leaders who flatter him. We know that he is biased toward strongmen and autocrats, and ugly and demeaning toward longtime allies — especially women like Angela Merkel. We know that Russia¬† used social media to influence the 2016 election, in ways that had profound effect on the vote in key states. We know that Trump Jr. and perhaps others in the campaign were ready and willing to receive information from Russia damaging to Hillary Clinton.

Ah, say the Republicans who adore him, but he keeps the immigrants out. He tells black people they need law and order, and makes it hard for them to vote. He gives us conservative judges who will let angry feminists and men who want to dress like women and free rider poor people know who’s boss: good, hard working Republican “job creators” who deserve to keep their money instead of paying taxes.

No matter what the Mueller findings are, I fear that Republicans find what they have in Trump to be an excellent trade-off.

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