The Kavanaugh Mess

The momentum seems to have clearly shifted to pushing Kavanaugh through, and I suppose Mitch McConnell has the votes. Now we have the worst of all worlds: an angry, partisan judicial nominee who will spend the next several decades letting his Federalist Society patrons know he will always be their guy, red state Republicans fueled up to vote in November, and presidential sanction to mock women who come forward with stories of sexual abuse. Adam Serwer had a good piece about the adoring crowds who cheered Trump’s mockery of Dr. Blasey Ford: they are of the same ilk as the crowds who use to show up to witness lynchings and take pictures and souvenirs of black men being tormented. The open display of cruelty by powerful white men creates some weird affinity, a terrible kind of bond.

Some astonishing percentage of Republican voters don’t see sexual abuse as a disqualifying factor for appointment to high office.

These are not the majority of Americans, but right now they have the power of governance as if they were. It’s a horrible state of affairs.

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