Why Tax Fraud is Easy — For the Rich

People can be forgiven for thinking that the New York Times expose’ of the longstanding pattern of deception and fraud perpetrated by Fred Trump and his son Donald will result in consequences. Surely now the Republican Congress will demand Trump’s tax returns — the story was based on Fred’s — to see what Donald has been up to recently. Surely, if a civil case can be documented and proven, the IRS or New York state authorities will bring one.

Probably not. The IRS is badly outgunned by rich families who can afford to hire layer upon layer of the best legal and accounting talent to help them avoid, and in some cases evade, their fair share of taxes. Think about it: if you were at the top of your accounting classes and a whiz at taxation, would you go to work for the IRS and be paid as a pubic servant, or would you go to work for a firm that serves families like the Trumps? The IRS doesn’t have the talent, the manpower, or the political running room to take on the Trumps, not before Donald became president and certainly not now.

Bernie Madoff, he of the colossal investment scam that took place right under the noses of the SEC and the NASD, finally got his comeuppance — but only because he cheated rich people. Fred and Donald Trump cheated low income residents in their housing projects and the taxpaying population of the country in general, and there’s a lot more tolerance for greed when it’s ordinary people who are taken for suckers.

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