The Very Damaged Donald

Trump is so clearly a deeply damaged soul — and an unlikable one to boot — that I’m mystified by the adulation from voters who love him. I suppose I have to go back to the reality TV metaphor. The people who rip into each other on Braxton Family Values [for some reason I see more ads for this show than any other] are not paragons of mental health either, and viewers apparently tune in just to revel in the fireworks.

Here, in the Guardian of London, is a psychiatrist’s view of The Donald.

“The one thing we do know biographically is that when he was two, the last child in the family was born, but when his mother went to the hospital she didn’t come home right away. She had a haemorrhage, she had four surgeries and came close to dying and there was virtually no talk about that in the family. His older siblings just went to school as if it were normal while they’re terribly worried about their mother.”

His mother’s frequent absences, Frank suggests, left Trump devoid of empathy.

“One of the things that you do when you’re feeling ignored and abandoned in some way,” he says, “is develop contempt for that part of yourself. You have the hatred of your own weakness and you then become a bully and make other people feel weak, or mock other people to make it clear that you’re the strong one and that you don’t have any needs.

I agree with the assessment at the end: if Donald weren’t president, I’d have no interest in him whatsoever.

But he is, and we’re all forced to watch.

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