Panama 2018: Jari’s Two Little Ones

Jari is Minga’s granddaughter, #2 of Ita’s four Jaris: Janelys, Jarelys, Jarinelys and Jarineilys. Yes, the last two have essentially the same name, slightly different spelling. Jari #3 is called Jarin, and Jari #4 is Neilys.

Jari’s partner and the father of both of her children is Joel — he works for a computer company, and is the youth pastor at the church where Jari’s family goes. That’s how he and she met.

We used to call Jari “party girl”, because she has such a bubbly, exuberant personality — and here she is the very competent mother of two small children. She and Joel bought their own home just on the other side of the Bridge of the Americas, in LaChorrera — more than an hour from where she grew up in Filipio on the other side of the airport. Her mother Ita, Jarin and Neilys still live there, as does elder sister Janelys and her two little boys, Christian and Sebastian.

Jari was studying canal zone management at the University of Panama, but I believe has taken a hiatus to care for her children.

Purely by happenstance, she was at Minga’s ten years ago when I first returned to Panama — she was about 12. She vividly remembers that day, as do I.

Here are her two little ones, Britney and Joelito. Joelito is 2 1/2, and Britney is five or six months old. You can see Jari’s sparkling personality in this pic, yes?

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