What Would Attack a Bluejay?

I need help from my birder friends who might know what might account for the Battle in Seattle that seems to have taken place in my back yard. I keep my concrete walkways swept, so when I went out into the yard and found bird feathers all over, I looked more closely. I think what I found was the remnants of a bluejay.

I don’t have a bird feeder, which might have provoked an altercation. I do have a bird bath. I’ve seen a gorgeous bluejay around recently; I’m afraid that these are its remains.

What might have done this? Another bluejay?  A crow, of which we have a lot in Seattle? A raccoon, which used to live in the bush that we trimmed way back to allow for the fence installation? A cat — although I can’t imagine a cat getting in here unless it could jump a six foot fence. For that matter, I can’t imagine the raccoon getting in here. Any thoughts would be really interesting. I looked on Google, and it seems that bluejays are more often the predators than victims. But there are definitely dead bird remains in my yard, and they are clearly the result of a violent battle.

What’s left is parts, nothing more.

2 thoughts on “What Would Attack a Bluejay?

  1. for Katie: Nature really can be quite violent. I wasn’t home when this happened, or I imagine I’d have heard the screeching. The bird was literally torn apart.

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