Appealing to Mark Judge

I suppose that Dr. Blasey Ford, having said her piece at great personal cost, is now back in California trying to recover some semblance of a normal life. I doubt she wants to be any more involved in the Kavanaugh confirmation turmoil that is still roiling the rest of the nation.

But I’m wondering what might happen if she made a direct personal appeal, a public one, to Mark Judge, asking him to over-ride the “what happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep” ethos and instead, to tell the truth about her assault and his role in it. He supposedly has had a change of heart from his earlier, hard-drinking ways. If he has done so with the help of AA, he has that obligation to make amends for the damage he caused while drunk.

There are reasons why such an appeal might not work. Judge has acknowledged being a blackout drunk, unlike choir boy Kavanaugh, and Judge truly might have no real memories of most of his high school years. Such a public appeal risks making Dr. Blasey Ford the centerpiece in a vicious ongoing partisan battle. Her testimony was highly personal, and even though Republicans tried to make her a political pawn, I think most fair-minded observers of the hearing would have to acknowledge that her testimony was not that. She wasn’t trying to score political points. She was trying to tell the truth.

The biggest impediment is the “bro” culture of entitled rich white men, which hung over the hearing, dominated Republican back room strategizing, and which signaled to the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee that above all, Kavanaugh is one of them and must be protected at all costs.

But I wish someone, even if not Dr. Blasey Ford, would appeal to Mark Judge’s better side. We all have one, don’t we?

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