Kavanaugh and Klobuchar

Kavanaugh’s display of elite white male privilege was on full display at Thursday’s hearing when he shot back at Senator Klobuchar’s questioning of his drinking by demanding to know if she had a drinking problem.

The entitled prep school boy, quick to anger and disdain when challenged by a woman, is still in there, and not very far from the surface.


I wish Senator Klobuchar had called him out on his disrespect, but then, we women don’t. We are reasonable, and calm, and civil, and understanding. Dr. Blasey Ford was like that, although deeply emotional when recounting her assault by Kavanaugh and Mark Judge. Women can’t win no matter what stance we take. An outburst like Kavanaugh’s or Lindsey Graham’s would have labeled either woman “hysterical”. But our calm and civility doesn’t inspire respect either.

I was devastated after Thursday’s hearing, and felt no better on Friday. Republicans are going to ram this nomination through, regardless of the circular reasoning. “We won’t look for corroborating evidence, therefore can’t hold Judge Kavanaugh responsible because there is no corroborating evidence.” Jeff Flake folded — although he later rebounded a bit by saying his vote will not be forthcoming without a week’s delay for an investigation. I imagine Murkowski and Collins will ultimately fold too, although I can’t imagine how they can look their female constituents in the eye ever again if they do.

Mark Judge has faded into Brett Kavanaugh’s past, but Kavanaugh will soon have a new buddy bro — Clarence Thomas — with whom he can swap war stories and laugh over their shared proclivity to abuse women.

2 thoughts on “Kavanaugh and Klobuchar

  1. I am thrilled that DJT has agreed to letting the FBI investigate. However, even if they find nothing on Kavanaugh, I think he showed that he does not have the temperament to be a judge, must less one on the Supreme Court. I think he really believes he is innocent and I could understand the anger – but to blame it on people who were angry that Trump won the 2016 election, who wanted revenge for the Clinton impeachment and that it was fueled by money from ultra left wing groups,” etc. was pure partisanship on his part. And his treatment of Amy Klobuchar was a disgrace. I wish she had put him in his place. His apology was meaningless. I figure someone got to him during the break that he has gone too far. I don’t think he was sincere.
    I also saw a side by side analysis of the questions asked and answered by each of them Blue showed the question had been answered; red that it had not been. Her page was completely blue. His was a combination of red and blue – mostly red!
    I am afraid you are right, however. Unless they find something, he will be confirmed. If he is, it will mobilize women, independents, and Dems to get out to the polls. If he is not, I’m afraid it will just mobilize the Trumpies and other Republicans to do the same. Maybe if he isn’t, there is always the chance those people will stay home – we elected him and he still couldn’t get the Court where we want it. Hope springs eternal for no confirmation and supporters staying home.

  2. for Ada: What Kavanaugh has shown is that he’s a card carrying “one of the boys”, and for that McConnell and Hatch and Cornyn and Trump and Grassley and Graham will support him to the death of anything else. People want to call this white male privilege thing a feminist rant. It isn’t. It’s a deeply embedded part of our culture, and it fights back viciously when threatened.

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