Getting to Know Seattle: Fall Colors

The big hydrangea in the back yard has stopped putting out blooms for the season. The huge white and pale blue flowers turned brown and crunchy, and it was time to cut them back. But the front hydrangea is still going strong. The color has mostly turned a deep magenta — just gorgeous. And the fall leaves on my street are no slouch either.

6 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Fall Colors

  1. Don’t cut your hydrangeas back too far. Most of the older varieties set next year’s buds on old wood rather than new growth. They are beautiful!

  2. for Phyllis: Thanks for the tip. I just cut out the dead blooms. Are you supposed to leave them? I’ll be careful with the one in front.

  3. You’re fine cutting the dead flowers. And if your bush gets too big and unwieldy you can cut it back more; you just may not have as many blooms for the first year after. I did that with my best bloomer in late summer. Sometimes the oldies just need a good haircut!

  4. for Phyllis: I’m paranoid about killing something, especially like the back yard hydrangea that I think has been here for a very long time and never tended much — managed to survive on its own. And here I come. 🙂 So it helped greatly when you told me that you, whom I consider a master gardener whether or not you have the formal designation, kill plants now and again. Whew. 🙂

  5. Never fear – I’ve killed many a plant, including all but two plants I brought from Rochester. Sometimes it’s the weather, sometimes the soil, pests that appear, etc. Or for reasons we will never know, even when we’ve done everything right.

  6. for Phyllis: We talked about Seattle’s garden zone — it’s 8B, plants hardy down to 15-20 degrees. Apparently was just recently changed from zone 8.I said I thought our garden zone has some similarities to Maine, but it really doesn’t. Maine is subsets of zone 5, depending on how far north in the state you are. Interesting.

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